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Corporate strategy

What does sustainable success look like?

Each company is unique with different roadmaps towards achieving their long-term strategic goals. But when there is no clear plan or directive in place, success can remain elusive, in our experience. Since 2007, we have worked with a range of private and public sector organisations to improve the way in which they can plan for and respond to a changing world.

Our approach to providing your business with sustainable success begins with a well-informed, in-depth, industry specific and unique-to-your-needs corporate strategy. At RIIS, we are keenly aware that a blanket approach would put your business on a regrettable back foot.

From our knowledgeable senior consultants to progress driven project managers and keen analysts, our team members immerse themselves in your business and identify opportunity and potential pitfalls at every step of the way. Best of all, we don’t leave you to find your own way once the final document has been submitted. You can call on us for guidance at any point to keep your vision on track.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Building the backbone of Africa’s economies.

Entrepreneurship in Africa is widely regarded as being a potential engine for growth. Often a disruptor of the status quo, entrepreneurship requires innovation, creativity and business know-how in order to move from strong proof-of-concept through to a scaled up, viable and sustainable business.

RIIS is the first open innovation firm in Africa. Our team of human-centred and system design specialists works across multiple sectors to build capacity among Africa’s entrepreneurs.

The goal is to create long-term impact by embedding skills and strategies that accelerate innovation, reduce risk to partners and start-ups, and position companies for long-term success.

RIIS has trained over 300 start-ups in the past three years across multiple sectors with a particular interest in capacity-building, growth opportunities and the potential of social innovation.

At RIIS, we are big advocates for entrepreneurship. We are problem-solvers who aim to bring improvement and change. We continuously work hand in hand with you to map out a clear, adaptable road to success.

Socio-economic development

Creating a positive impact in society, today and tomorrow.

Key business success drivers adapt from generation to generation and more than ever, younger consumers measure the worth of businesses and industries they wish to associate with, not just by their bottom lines but the positive impact they have on their fellow citizens. Is your business keeping up with these developments?

At RIIS, we firmly believe that incorporating socio-economic development into your business model not only positively influences larger society, but also your company’s bottom line. With our clients, we work towards the realisation of projects that have the full potential to effect the quality of life experienced by many.

Our team invests great energy in mapping out and researching areas that are traditionally stifled by lack of implementation due to the pervasiveness of misaligned policy, outlying location, differing cultural norms or even limited market access due to historical industry monopoly development.

By identifying key pain points and areas of improvement, we can successfully map out your road to greater success.

Operational strategy and support

Successful plans demand proficiency of implementation.

In the changing world where our future is less secure now more than ever, companies are equipping themselves with contingency plans and operational initiatives that are beyond the primary capabilities and resources of the core company. The demand of such is often both urgent and critical in terms of rollout.

Many companies can find themselves struggling to secure the right capabilities in these instances.

RIIS brings sound, tried-and tested experience to assist companies in the rollout of additional, critical initiatives and activities within their businesses that are time- and skills-intensive.

Our specialists provide dedicated support, steering and managing multi-stakeholder programmes through the conceptual stage to implementation oversight and measured outcomes. In this role, RIIS was an instrumental partner in the mining sector’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

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