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Leading African space advisory

Strategic guidance & roadmap development to propel Africa's space sector.

Mining and natural resources

Focusing on the modernisation of the mining industry, addressing climate change and energy transition needs.

Clean Energy Strategies

Supporting the evolution away from fossil fuels as part of a just energy transition.

Sector-specific Network Enhancement

Propelling deep network development and collaborative endeavour across key sectors.

Building a Green H2 Technology Consortium.

In partnership with Freeport Saldanha, RIIS has designed, implemented and currently manage the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus, a clean technology nexus for South Africa. The SBIC is positioning itself as the leading hydrogen and energy technology hub in South Africa and has partnerships with major local and global research organisations.

Identifying industrial decarbonisation pathways.

Working with a global technology consortium, we are working to analyse the SA automotive value chain specifically to identify decarbonisation opportunities, including themes such as import / export substitution, material science, or logistics; alongside mapping skills pathways to ensure sustained decarbonisation over the long term.

Designing a global clean energy vehicle strategy.

RIIS worked with one of the largest global industry bodies in the natural resource sector to design a directional strategy for all members to adopt, as part of their aspiration to reach Net Zero by 2050 (with many accelerating timelines to 2040 and earlier).

Developing toolkits for climate risk analysis.

Recognising the challenges facing both public and private sector regarding changing weather patterns, RIIS has developed best-in-class climate risk analytical tools. Integrating diverse data sets from hi-resolution satellite, UAV-LIDAR, hydrological models, and various socio-economic data sets, we have built a unique capability for identifying various risks facing communities and industrial operations, informing broader decision processes.

In partnership, designing a country-level eMobility strategy.

As part of a broader effort to displace fossil fuel usage, our partner firm Impact Advisory drafted the primary eMobility strategy for Kenya. This strategic policy document aimed at not just helping to address NDC commitments, but also reduce the significant cost burden on residents reliant on imported fuel. The strategy articulates key challenges towards adoption, possible pathways to drive uptake, and a roadmap for the country to electrify its transport system.

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